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Our Services

We Customize to Your Unique Requirements

We customize and develop your food products that are specially dedicated to your customer's wants and needs.

OEM food manufacturer

Why choose us?


Simplify and standardize product development


Specialty Halal Products

All our products are comply to Halal standards. 

Award winning chefs for OEM food manufacturer


Safe and Reliable 

Our stringent QA/ QC process ensures highest standards of food safety and quality in our food.


Delivery & Logistics

We ensure timely delivery while preserving the utmost freshness to your business.

Our Services

We Deliver to Ease Your Process

We ensure timely and secure deliveries that upholds freshness and integrity.

Integrated Cold Chain. Nationwide Delivery

We also offer delivery services to you directly. We have our own cold trucks for nationwide delivery. Our focus is on ensuring that our carefully crafted products satisfy and enhance your business operations. 

Seamless Experience

Get in touch with us and experience hassle-free and efficient service, from selection, crafting, production and delivery.

1. Get in touch with us!

2. We manufacture for you

3. We deliver to you!

Our Compliances

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in food manufacturing. We apply industry-standard accreditation and certifications, showcasing our compliance with these regulations.

Fantastic food factory complies to Halal, HACCP, Veterinary inspected, GMP and Food Defense
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